Best Restaurants

Mahi mahi fish tacos from Catablu Grill. Photography by Neal Bruns

Catablu Grille

Artistically prepared modern, fresh and flavourful casual fare.

Filet with grilled shrimp from Club Soda. Photography by Neal Bruns

Club Soda

Steaks, martinis and jazz in a sophisticated downtown setting.

Hideout 125's Lamb Pasta and Golden Age cocktail, photography by Neal Bruns

Hideout 125

Come for the cocktails, stay for the food.

Oyster Bar Sashimi tuna appetizer

Oyster Bar

Serious food in a casual atmosphere with an expert staff


Chappell's Seafood Mix

Seafood and freshness at Chappell’s

Chappell’s Coral Grill has always been all about fish. Of late, however, it’s also all about jazz, martinis and small plate goodies. The restaurant that opened on Broadway nearly three decades ago moved to its current home at Covington Plaza in...

Filet with grilled shrimp from Club Soda. Photography by Neal Bruns

Back to beef

There’s something special about Club Soda, the downtown mainstay that’s all about steaks and martinis and jazz. Going on 15 years now, Club Soda has brought a cool, chic vibe to downtown, something that was sorely lacking when the restaurant...

Baker Street's Chicken L'orange with gnocchi. Photography by Neal Bruns

Steakhouse debate

Once the menus are opened and people start planning what to order at Baker Street, the conversation we can think of as The Eternal Steakhouse Debate inevitably begins. Someone will rhapsodize about how good the filet will be while considering how...

Oyster Bar Sashimi tuna appetizer

One of a kind

It’s best to forgive the diners who enjoy a meal at Fort Wayne’s venerable Oyster Bar (a saloon first opened there in 1888) and never realize what an unusual restaurant it is. Think about it. What other fine dining restaurant (or any...