Baker Street's Chicken L'orange with gnocchi. Photography by Neal Bruns

Baker Street

Top-notch steakhouse plus great bar and welcoming service

Banh Mi Barista

Specialties: Vietnamese sandwiches, noodle bowls, pho and bubble teas


Specialties: Gourmet Hamburgers and sides

Mahi mahi fish tacos from Catablu Grill. Photography by Neal Bruns

Catablu Grille

Artistically prepared modern, fresh and flavourful casual fare.

Filet with grilled shrimp from Club Soda. Photography by Neal Bruns

Club Soda

Steaks, martinis and jazz in a sophisticated downtown setting.

Hideout 125

Specialties: Seasonal menu, craft cocktails

Oyster Bar Sashimi tuna appetizer

Oyster Bar

Serious food in a casual atmosphere with an expert staff


On Tap

Quick History Lesson: In 1919 — when Fort Wayne’s population numbered only 86,000 (compared to today’s 265,000) — brewing was a thriving industry in the city. 13 breweries contributed to the city’s economy and brought people...

Hop the Trail

Fort Wayne breweries are sending out an invitation and a challenge. Explore the craft breweries in northern Indiana and discover what they have to offer — and there’s a lot. The Northern Indiana Beer Trail encourages beer lovers to visit 20...

Art of the Shuck

There is an art to shucking an oyster. Work the knife into the back of the shell, run the blade around the rim and pry the shells apart. After popping the shell, go around the sides of the oyster with the knife, but always be careful you don’t...

Best Sandwiches

Legend has it that the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu invented the sandwich while gambling in the late 1700s. He was loath to leave the gambling table for meals, so he instructed someone to mash some cold roast beef between slices of...