Beginning Oct. 1, women in most of Indiana will have access to advisors and more expertise when they consider whether to start or how to expand small businesses.
Dave Blake looks at dead salmon in 2002 on the Klamath River near Klamath Glen, Calif. Biologists are worried the 2015 drought is setting up the Klamath River for a repeat of the 2002 fish kill that left tens of thousands of adult salmon dead.  (Photo by By Shaun Walker of The (Eureka, Calif.) Times-Standard via The Associated Press)
GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A federal judge has denied a request by agricultural water providers in California’s Central Valley to block emergency water releases to protect Klamath River salmon from the drought.      More..
Rare is the day any newspaper is printed without a mistake. All strive for perfection; few ever achieve it.      More..
Ann Marie Sastry is president and CEO of Sakti3, one of several small companies working on alternatives to the lithium-ion batteries found in most electric vehicles today.  (Photo by The Associated Press)
SAN FRANCISCO — A veteran computer scientist hates sitting in his car at stop lights, so he creates software that makes the experience less annoying. A former engineering professor wants to double the range of today’s electric vehicles.      More..
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