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At this time in April, while the grass is finally greening and daffodils and tulips are making an appearance, forsythia, nearly the earliest blooming shrub in our area, is either in full bloom or budding up, ready to explode onto the spring scene.
We all enjoy experimenting to find better, more natural ways of gardening (often less expensive, too). Here are a few tips that may be familiar oldies and one or two that are new to add to our lists:      More..
Q: I want to grow cauliflower in my vegetable garden and have tried every year but the foliage takes over and hardly any heads form. When some do form, they are odd-looking and turn green.      More..
Q: I've been hearing about native bee pollinators. Do you have information about these bees? Also, what can I do to make sure I have them in my orchard and garden?      More..
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