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Marsha Worthington, retiring health promotion coordinator for Parkview Physicians Group Cardiology, decided at an early age she wanted to focus on preventing health problems, rather than treating those who already were sick. (By Jennifer Boen for The News-Sentinel)
Marsha Worthington was a newly graduated nurse, taking care of patients at the bedside, when she realized her passion was helping people reduce their risk of disease and disability rather than caring for them after the fact.
Q: My 15-year-old son started taking Ritalin for his ADHD when he was 8. Now I hear more kids are trying drugs at younger ages. Is he at greater risk for drug abuse or addiction because he's been taking this medication? — Lynda M., Springfield, Ind.      More..
Backyard Burger BBQ (includes Grilled Chili Burgers and Apple Spinach Salad). Healthy Recipe from Diabetes Meals by the Plate by Diabetic Living Editors (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014).      More..
Both major hospital groups with their headquarters in Fort Wayne welcomed the Supreme Court’s upholding subsidies for middle- and lower-income people buying health insurance in Affordable Care Act marketplaces.      More..
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