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Recently, I was able to catch up with an expert in physical therapy and dance, Colorado-based Mieke Scripps. She studied dance and kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin while performing in the modern dance troop Li Chiao-Ping Dance.
Acessibility Q&A      More..
This July 28, 2014 photo shows Mary Kaye, 81, smiling after successfully demonstrating a treadmill balance session at University of Illinois-Chicago. Clive Pai, a physical therapy professor, right, and graduate student Emma Wang, left, un-hook Kaye's safety harness at the end of the session. During the test Kaye walked on a lab-built walkway that causes people to unexpectedly trip and can teach them quickly how to catch themselves and avoid falling. Falls in the elderly cost $30 billion yearly to treat and can send them spiraling into poor health and disability. Pai who came up with the idea calls it
CHICAGO — Researchers are tripping seniors on purpose, and it's not some kind of warped practical joke.      More..
Dr. Arif Nazir, who teaches in IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis' Division of Geriatrics, and nurse practitioner Kathy Frank, program administrator for IU Geriatrics, role play what often transpires in the hospital room when a doctor recommends nursing home care for a patient. The patient may have 48 hours to choose a facility and is more likely to base the decision on location rather than if the facility can meet her medical needs. Nazir and Frank, along with several other colleagues, made a video to help shed light on the issue. Check out the video at this Medical News Today link: (Courtesy photo)
A friend asked me for urgent advice on what nursing home to take her mother, who was being discharged from the hospital soon.      More..
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