Dow 17804.8026.65
Nasdaq 4765.38
S&P 500 2070.65+9.42
AEP 59.89-0.09
Comcast 57.17+0.88
GE 25.62+0.48
ITT Exelis 17.45+0.01
LNC 58.42+0.86
Navistar 32.87+0.66
Raytheon 106.82+0.81
SDI 19.76+0.22
Verizon 47.02-0.03
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Feeling confident that you can change a behavior is one of the single biggest predictors that you will be able to do it. It's called "self-efficacy" — the belief in one's ability to "organize and execute" whatever one would like to do.
Q: I'm confused by the latest study that says it's carbs, not saturated fat, that are bad for your heart. What exactly is the scoop? — Daryl G., Andover, Mass.      More..
The holidays are here ­ the excitement, the presents, the good cheer and, of course, the food: parties, gift baskets, drinks, repeat. I’m not telling anyone not to eat and enjoy, but keep in mind that there is a cost­a calorie cost.      More..
The Borealis Yampa, a specialty order item for around $7,000 at Human Motor Works, is reputedly the fastest fat bike on the market, able to churn through sand and snow. (Courtesy photo)
Offbeat energy bars: Fill a gift basket with an assortment of power bars. Here are two that your gift recipient might not have tried before:      More..
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