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Think there’s nothing to do around here?

The folks at Visit Fort Wayne have turned their attention to Allen County’s residents and created the most comprehensive online calendar of events and activities for the new

“We found that people didn’t necessarily know where to go to find out about all the events and happenings in the city,” said Kristen Guthrie, director of marketing for Visit Fort Wayne. “There needed to be one place to find out about everything that is going on.”

The web-based calendar launches on November 1 and provides nearly 30 different event categories. It allows for easy search via category, date, location or venue.

Although many have tried in the past to create this type of portal, Visit Fort Wayne has the expertise of few others. For the past 68 years, Visit Fort Wayne has been providing information and event calendars to the area’s visitors, so understands how to maintain the expansive and useful tool.

“We have a dedicated full-time person to work on the calendar. We know in order for this to really work, we have to put the staff support behind it,” said Guthrie. “We are committed to creating a great calendar.”

Users can also sign up to receive Current Events of the Weekend–a weekly email highlighting the five big events/activities for the week. The site is smart phone-friendly and designed to easily function on mobile devices.

The site also allows for any organization with an event open to the public to easily post the information to the calendar. This means everything from fundraisers to 5K races to gallery openings to classes can get the attention they deserve. There is no cost to post an event.

The site also allows users to purchase tickets to events and, through the site’s calendar button, are able to add specific entries to a Google or Outlook calendar–helping to keep track of the events they are interested in attending.

“There is definitely no shortage of events in the community to fill the calendar,” said Guthrie. “It is easy to fill every day with dozen of activities. We are just providing a user friendly system to collect and disseminate this information.”

The new online resource will make answering “Where to go?” and “What to do?” a breeze. Unless, that is, there are too many options.


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