Noteworthy April 2017

We celebrate the creativity of our city’s writers and musicians.

Art in the City
Artists in Fort Wayne during the 1970s had many advantages – a long appreciation for the arts, talented people and an expanding museum – except for one: a place to meet and exhibit their work. Enter Artlink, which still stands downtown today. In her new book, artist Karen Thompson reveals the history behind the gallery movement. The book also includes a tribute to Betty Fishman, also an artist and former director of Artlink.
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Lethal Ghost
To catch serial killers, law officials look for patterns. But what if there’s a monster who kills without a pattern? What if this killer roams the country and is so effective for so long that nobody even suspects he or she exists? This killer is about to make a mistake, and its going to cost county sheriff deputy Luke Rennison something precious in this new novel by longtime local sports writer and novelist Blake Sebring, whose byline you can find regularly in The News-Sentinel.
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Ink From Rust
The new album from local rapper Sankofa comes after a long hiatus. The recent Middle Waves festival fueled his desire to create, and now there are 10 new tracks for those who miss him and those who are only now being introduced to his lyrics, which are honest and sharp.
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First appeared in the April 2017 issue of Fort Wayne Magazine.


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