Spread the Love Around Fort Wayne

After a few months of noticing overwhelming negativity in the world, Shanel Turner had an idea to create something that would not only spread love and joy to others but also bring more positivity to her life. The idea blossomed into a movement called the Love Symposium.

Here’s how it works: Turner sets up her teepee photo booth at a store or an event, stocking it with fun accessories like bubble wands or flower crowns for guests to wear or play around with while she takes their picture. The proceeds from each event benefit a variety of nonprofit organizations or social causes.

“People are curious why there are people wrapped up in flowers, sitting in a mini teepee, taking Polaroid pictures. It’s always a good feeling when a person leaves with a great big, shining smile. Bringing positivity into our community and supporting social causes perpetuate positive change in our communities,” said Turner.

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