The Pavement

Hit the Trails: Celebrating 100 Miles

December 18, 2017

Community. Opportunities. Connectivity. This is what Fort Wayne’s trail system symbolizes: connecting community members to parks, local businesses and each


Where Our Rivers Converge

November 17, 2017

Although raised in Evanston, Illinois in one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas, Linda Howard said her weekends visiting


Public Art and Hyperlocality

July 14, 2017

Public art, at its core, is more than a littering of aesthetically pleasing installations. It’s a placemaking strategy that, when used effectively, can promote a community’s personality and communicate its values.


Adventure Playgrounds

June 9, 2017

These early playgrounds were designed for adventure, often providing children with materials (lumber, nails, etc.) to build their own creations. The hope was that the act of building would require the children to collaborate. And they worked.


Keep it flowing

May 10, 2017

Riverfront development is in the works — here’s mistakes to avoid.


Garden cities

April 21, 2017

Great places rely on nature — namely, Garden Cities.



February 15, 2017

Makerspaces are not just a trend, Columnists Zachary Benedict and Ellen Cutter say, they’re crucial parts of the economies of cities like ours.


Placemaking for ‘urbanpreneurs’

January 25, 2017

Columnists Zachary Benedict and Ellen Cutter introduce a new word and an important concept: Urbanpreneur — people who tap into cities and help exciting things happen.

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