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Hit the road

July 15, 2017

Sometimes, you only need a quick day trip to get your kicks. And while it’s great to have at least one destination in mind, sometimes the real fun comes from wandering off the main roads.

Allyson Cooper at Zip Timber Lake

Extreme Thrills

June 9, 2017

The adrenaline hits at the starting gate. You’re usually sandwiched in between two others, and you’re geared up while astride your bike. Then the gate drops. You’re peddling, your heart is pounding, there are elbows and a hill. Then…the air.

The riverfront near IPFW, photography by Christopher Redmond

A Riverfront View

May 2, 2017

Dan Wire grew up along our rivers and knows them better than anyone. Now he’s a critical figure in Riverfront Development as city officials set out to transform the heart of Fort Wayne like never before.


Team Spirit

April 28, 2017

Fort Wayne is the birthplace for some surprising sports history. History that resonates even today. We love sports. We love our teams. We are a true sports city.

photography by Kevin Mullett

A city for all seasons

April 25, 2017

Each season in Fort Wayne has its don’t-miss moments, those days and events where you look at all those people around you and remember why you’re here. Winter, spring, summer and fall — you’ll love ’em all in Fort Wayne.

Photography by Issaac Rickenberg

Grow with what we’ve got

April 4, 2017

April’s cover story takes a look at the rich variety of our native plants, our historic neighborhoods and even repurposed objects — and how local gardeners are creating something not only beautiful but sustainable.

Clockwise from left: IPFW students Alex Sanderson, Cornelius Pernell and Hugo Mata Jr. study with Diana Mejia Bonilla and Holly Lawson. photography by Neal Bruns

Getting through school, Fort Wayne style

February 27, 2017

We’ve got plenty of programs and a new understanding when it comes to helping students complete college degrees. The city, and Northeast Indiana as a whole, is equipping people to finish their degrees strong.

Three Rivers Distilling Company, photography by Neal Bruns

Made in Fort Wayne

February 1, 2017

Some new and delightful products, some creative, some highly technical and essential to how the entire world works. That’s what’s made in Fort Wayne today and always.


Best Places to Work

January 2, 2017

Our readers voted, and we hereby announce the results — Fort Wayne’s Best Places to Work.

Jamal Robinson, photography by Dustin McKibben

Those who stayed

December 6, 2016

We went looking for those who stayed (or returned), and we found young leaders who are changing the city in a variety of professions and with a variety of skills and interests. We think the Brain Drain is lessening.

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