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Maeve Vintage
She’s curvy in all the right places. Soft and feminine with a vintage sophistication that’s all the rage right now. Her name is Chantelle, and she’s the most popular girl in the room. And, she wants you to sit on top of her … because she’s a couch. She’s just one of the many, oh-so-lovely pieces available to rent from Maeve Vintage, a boutique rental and event styling company, owned by a Fort Wayne mother and her two adult daughters. Tammi, Abby and Libby have an immense love of all things vintage and have amassed a gorgeous collection of seating options and other furniture, decor accents and quirky, fun props for weddings, showers, family photo sessions and any other event just waiting to be dreamed up. As these enterprising and creative ladies find new pieces, they give them lovely names like Gwyneth, Laurel, Scarlett and, everyone’s favorite, Chantelle. In addition to the plush sofas and chairs, Maeve Vintage offers finishing touches courtesy of vases, windows and frames, steamer trunks, fruit baskets and so much more, I can’t even begin to describe it all. Maeve Vintage has stylishly curated all the goodies necessary for a chic event with an au courant vintage flair so you don’t have to. Peruse the collection online then make an appointment to see it all in person for yourself – the warehouse holds much more than what’s featured on their website. Maeve Vintage is open by appointment only, 1501 E. Berry St., 46803. For more information, call (260) 627-9556 or email maevevintage@gmail.com. To learn about pricing and the full spectrum of Maeve Vintage’s services, visit www.maevevintage.com.

Photanical Workshop Series
Two uber creative artisans (jewelry, photography and more) with a love for natural beauty have teamed up to create one of the coolest workshops you’ll attend all year. Eden Mickelson and Ruth Yaro started Photanical, a photo + botanical workshop (I always appreciate a good portmanteau), for crafty, DIY types who like to make cool things with their hands and then take awesome, artsy photos of them. But that doesn’t mean you have to be super skilled or crafty to take part. Mickelson and Yaro are the experts, and they have more than enough talent to make up for the lack of yours (or mine, as the case is). The duo welcomes all skill levels and strives to offer a safe space to try something new. Join in on the fun at one of Photanical’s upcoming workshops, regularly posted on their social media channels. Workshops typically span one-two hours and range $15-$75. To learn more, like Photanical on Facebook and follow on Instagram @photanical_series. To sign up for an upcoming workshop or to schedule a private event, email photanicalworkshop@gmail.com.

Neighborhoods of the ’07
I’m a proud south-side resident. I love the historic, charming homes and the welcoming, diverse, family-friendly community. The problem with historic, charming homes is that there are many not-so-charming issues that come with these older homes. Owning a home can be both a blessing and a curse, with the challenges of homeownership overwhelming for many families. I’m happy to serve on a committee working toward helping homeowners make small improvements to their exteriors. The Neighborhoods of the ’07 Home Improvement Program (HIP) offers matching mini-grants for projects that improve the overall and/or street-side exterior appearance of owner-occupied homes; think projects like gutter or porch repairs, painting, landscaping and walkway improvements. The program is a version of one rolled out by the Williams-Woodland Neighborhood Association last year, which was received with overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants and neighbors. The Neighborhoods of the ’07 will offer assistance to one south-side neighborhood at a time, kicking off with the South Wayne Neighborhood Association. I’m so in love with this idea and can’t wait to see the completed projects this spring. While I’m talking about one specific neighborhood here, I think it’s a fantastic example of how just a few people can bring about change. To follow the progress of the HIP program, follow Neighborhoods of the 46807 on Facebook. If you’re interested in rolling out a similar program in your neighborhood, message the group for more information.

First appeared in the March 2016 issue of Fort Wayne Magazine.

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