Feeling social? New site seeks to connect people through thought-provoking questions

Would your life and the lives around you be any better or worse if you knew the time and place of your death?

If a Presidential candidate shared the same views as yourself, but belonged to an opposing party, would you still vote for him or her?

If someone you had known for over 10 years treated you poorly but then began acting nice within the last few months, how would you judge them?

These are just a sampling of the types of questions you can answer — and see how others answered as well — at a new website launched by a local entrepreneur who hopes to “simply change the world.”

Dubbed MyVoice Movement, the free site was founded by Nicholas Cochran and two others and allows registered users to share and follow responses to daily questions and situations which deal with ethics or newsy topics. Unlike other social networking sites, Cochran envisions it as a vehicle to promote culture and encourage people to become more accountable.

“The MyVoice website allows users to look behind the curtain to see into the hearts and minds of friends, family and colleagues by browsing what others have responded to in daily questions,” Cochran said in a media release.

The collection of responses given by users is sorted, grouped and sliced to find correlations and facts. They can also be shared and viewed through multiple platforms and devices, including smartphones. 

Cochran has worked in data analytics and marketing for the past 10 years. In the media release, he said he was inspired to start the website in order to “create more public accountability…to do the things you say and say the things you do.”

His plan is to launch the site here in Northeast Indiana, then introduce it in some larger Midwest cities. Many of the registered users are from the area, with some hailing from Columbia City or New Haven.

So if you’re feeling social, and want to try something a little new and unique, MyVoice Movement is free.

And the questions are always coming.


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