Flying the friendly Fort Wayne skies

Record number of people took off from Fort Wayne International in 2016

We must like our travel.

We must really like it — or at least we did last year.

Fort Wayne International Airport officials announced this week a new record for passenger traffic in 2016 at the facility, breaking the previous mark set in 2000.

During the past year, the airport had 365,884 enplaned passengers — which is the number of people boarding outbound flights.

That broke the record of 360,010 enplaned passengers in 2010.

Airport officials also reported the seventh consecutive year of growth for total passenger traffic, which includes both enplanements and deplanements.

“Our ability to continue to grow and thrive as an airport is in large part to our supportive community,” said Scott Hinderman, executive director of airports for the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority, in a statement. “With the community’s support, we have been able to continue delivering a superior level of service to our passengers while also attracting new routes and larger aircraft to serve our market.”

Service to New York City and Newark, New Jersey began in September. American Airlines also increased capacity of their Dallas route in November as well as a larger aircraft for a Charlotte, N.C. route.

All of which means quick vacations and getaways are right in our backyard.

And the numbers show we’re taking advantage of them.


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