Fort Wayne a great place to live, work

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art is one of the many attractions in our fair city.

The news about Fort Wayne being a better and better place to live and work is reaching national ears, most recently with WalletHub, an online ranking service that analyses communities across the nation with an eye toward personal finance.

WalletHub recently rank Fort Wayne as the 30th best place (out of the nation’s 150 largest cities) for young people to find a summer job — and enjoy it!

According to WalletHub, whether you want or need a summer job, you should consider where to look for one in addition to what you want to do. No two summer positions are created equal — sometimes due to geography. Minimum-wage laws and local cost of living, for instance, could determine your level of compensation or the affordability of housing while you’re living in the area. Other considerations include whether you need employer-sponsored health insurance, whether you want to be paid in dollars or experience, and whether you’re willing to commute long distances.

With summer fast approaching, WalletHub’s analysts compared the relative strength of the summer-job market in the 150 largest U.S. cities to help job seekers find the best opportunities for short-term employment. WalletHub’s data set of 18 metrics ranges from “median income of part-time workers” to “availability of summer jobs” to “percentage of insured part-time workers.”

Fort Wayne outranked Indianapolis in both youth market job prospects (22nd best vs. 28th for Indy) and “social environment and affordability rank” (79th for the Fort vs. 128th for Indy). So if you’re thinking of taking off from the Summit City after college, think again. Your prospects — and quality of life — may just be better here at home.


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