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Fantasticon weekend is here. So grab your lightsaber or make sure your favorite cape is clean.

COURTESY PHOTO This weekend's Fantasticon promises to give lovers of comics and pop culture plenty of collectibles to choose from.
COURTESY PHOTO Cosplay is encouraged at Fantasticon, and Ghostbusters are slated to be in the house.
COURTESY PHOTO From books and comics to old-school movie posters, almost anything collectible will be available at Fantasticon.
COURTESY PHOTO Like dress up? Come as anything you want...including your favorite Avenger.

There’s always that one thing.

If you’re a true comic book fan, you know what it’s like.

Maybe it’s Green Lantern/Green Arrow issues 85 and 86, the classic story arc where Green Arrow sidekick Speedy gets hooked on drugs. Or maybe it’s the old Secret Wars issue where Spider-Man first appears in his black suit — the one which is later revealed to be the symbiotic Venom.

Or maybe anime is your thing, and you’re looking for an Akira figurine to complete your collection. Or maybe old sci-fi and horror movie posters are your jam, and you’re looking around your living room and realizing you could use some new art.

Or then again, maybe it’s cartoons that does it for you.

Whatever you’re into, whatever you’re looking for — that one comic story that’s eluded you, that one figurine that can really tie your collection together — if it revolves around comicdom or pop-culture, the place to be this weekend is the Grand Wayne Center.

FantastiCon begins Saturday and goes through Sunday, and more than 60 dealers and artists from various genres ranging from horror to sci-fi will be on hand downtown to meet and greet and sell memorabilia and collectibles to fans of all ages.

“p1″>Plus, if you like to dress up a bit, there will be cosplay contest for both kids and adults with cash prizes, Q and A sessions with some of the featured guests and “nerd” trivia. Also, fitting for the weekend, there will be a Halloween costume contest with a chance at a $500 grand prize.   

Special guests and events include:

  • Daniel Phillips, a make-up artist whose production credits include the Hobbit Trilogy and Oz the Great and Powerful, will lead a special effects demonstration.
  • Brian Steward, an artist, writer, photographer and radio host whose written work and artwork has appeared in and on the cover of Delirium Magazine.
  • John Russo, called a “living legend,” who has 20 books published internationally and 19 feature movies distributed worldwide, including the classic “Night of the Living Dead.”
  • Josef “Joe” Rubinstein from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics; Arvell Jones from Marvel Comics and DC Comics; celebrity sketch and hyperrealism artist BC Hepner; Jason Moore from Marvel Comics and DC Comics; Eerie Von, founding member and original bass player for the bands Samhain and Danzig; plus Casey Orr, AKA “Beefcake the Mighty,” bassist for the metal band Gwar.

FantastiCon gets under way at 10 a.m. on Saturday and goes to 6 p.m. that evening. Sunday’s hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday admission is $8.50 in advance and $12 the day of the show. Sunday’s admission is $5.50 in advance and $8 on the day of show.

A two-day ticket is $12.50.

Kids under 5 years old get in free.

To purchase tickets, visit the FantastiCon website.

And remember, whatever your thing is, it’s likely you’ll find it there.

But be prepared. You know when you find it, something else will take it’s place. Whether it be first printing additions of The Watchmen, or maybe a set of Spawn figures Todd McFarlane designed himself, or maybe it’s that one action figure from that really great and underrated Star Trek: Voyager episode.

You know the action figure.

It’s how you always want to remember Lt. Tom Paris.

There’s always that one thing.


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