Mad Ants look for mad fans

Hey. You.

Are you a fan?

We’re not talking just a run-of-the-mill, sit on your hands or bleacher while your favorite team is duking it out with their arch rival type of fan. We’re talking about paint your face, maybe your whole body, live and breathe your team type of fandom here.

That’s the type of fan the Fort Wayne Mad Ants are looking for.

The NBA D-League team is celebrating its 10th season in the Summit City, and part of an effort to implement new features for fans is to gather the crazed ones into one section of the Memorial Coliseum already dubbed “The Ant Farm.”

And beginning tonight, the Mad Ants are going to be on the lookout for those fans.

Remember the golden tickets from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Well, Mad Ants officials will be making the rounds at high school football games during the next few weeks and handing out golden tickets to fans who show the most enthusiasm, spirit and fandom. That golden ticket wins them an Oct. 16 audition to be a part of the Ant Farm.

For those of you who may not get a golden ticket in the coming weeks, there is still a chance to show off what would make you a good pick for the Ant Farm. Just go to to register for a possible audition.

So maybe you’re the type who wears the same jersey whenever your favorite team plays, or you’re the one with the painted body in the stands no matter the temperature, or maybe you can’t watch the last seconds of overtime games or you always hug the people next to you after buzzer-beaters or knock over your furniture after losses.

Maybe that spirit can be on display.

The Ants are looking for you.


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