Meet the word wizards

Author Fair gives readers a chance to meet writers β€” and learn how the sausage is made.

Kayleen Reusser, author of many children's books as well as this one about those who served in WWII, will be at the author fair.
Into sci-fi? Jennifer Foehner Wells will be on hand at the Allen County Public Library's Author Fair to talk about self-publishing.
Stephanie A. Cain writes epic and urban fantasy and will be a panel discussion about self-publishing.

You know it’s still in your head.

It’s been there churning around for months, maybe years even. The plot, the words, the characters — all the words just rattling around in that little space between your ears. Or maybe you got them out a long time ago and put them on paper already, and they’re all just sitting there in that desk drawer or the box in the basement.

Or maybe you’re at a computer screen thinking them up right now.

Sometimes, we all think the great American novel is in us somewhere.

Or maybe it’s that great romance novel. Maybe it’s science fiction or horror. Whatever it is, if you feel you’ve got some form of the written word inside you itching to get out, this weekend is your chance to meet with other aspiring writers as well as those who’ve gotten their works to the ultimate goal:

In print and in readers’ hands.

The Allen County Public Library is hosting its annual Author Fair from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Free to all, the fair provides an opportunity to interact with a bevy of authors as well as buy their books and attend panel discussions on various topics — one of which is dubbed Handmade Tales: The Self-Publishing Phenomenon.

Kayleen Reusser, whose byline regularly pops up in The News-Sentinel and has written a slew of books for children which range in topics from celebrities to profiles in Greek mythology, will be a part of that panel alongside urban fantasy author and fellow Hoosier Stephanie Cain and science fiction author Jennifer Foehner Wells.

The trio will talk about what has worked for them when it comes to self-publishing and how the publishing world has changed over the years.

If you’re a history aficionado, the panel Indiana Writes History: Preserving the Past, might be for you. Randy Harter, Jim Hillman and Barbara Olenyik Morrow will talk about researching and writing their books on facets of Indiana History.

And for all the romantics out there, there will be a panel devoted to romance.

Between the Pages: All About Writing Romance, will feature Jennifer Coffean, Dawn Crandall and Monica Koldyke Miller discussing their approaches to the genre.

But that’s not all.

“p1″>There is a heavy list of authors who will be present, including Fort Wayne’s own Michael Martone, who is well-known in the short story sphere for works like “Fort Wayne is Seventh on Hitler’s List.” For more information and a complete list of the fair’s events, check it’s website here.


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