New video touts 10-year plan

Greater Fort Wayne looks to build on city's momentum for the future.

There’s an $85 million arena.

Then there’s a $100 million riverfront project.

Add a $250 million redevelopment project for a now mostly shuttered factory, $30 million or so for the redevelopment of a strip of street near downtown and $180 million for an educational and one-of-its-kind park, and the dollars might seem a little steep.

But it’s all something that could generate $3.5 billion of private investment in the years to come.

Greater Fort Wayne, Inc., released a new video Thursday showcasing the organization’s 10-year plan that is designed to increase the average wage, the population growth rate and the gross domestic product to the tune of $30 billion to $60 billion over the next 15 years.

The vision, unveiled over the summer, focuses on five key projects:

  • $85 million downtown arena
  • $30 million redevelopment of The Landing on Columbia Street
  • $100 million Riverfront Promenade,
  • 250 million Redevelopment of the GE Campus
  • $180 million STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) Park

According to Greater Fort Wayne officials, more than 1,300 community members have signed on in support of the community’s efforts to get these projects completed, with the STEAM Park being being the final one done circa 2017-2025.

The idea is to “move Fort Wayne and Allen County forward to become a nationally-recognized economy,” according to the organization’s website.



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