Noteworthy April 2016

We celebrate the creativity of our city’s writers and musicians.

Bring a Cowboy Home
Louisa Crowder is a successful businesswoman from Chicago. When she meets Cal Frasier, a handsome rancher from Magnolia, Texas, it feels like someone’s lit a match for a forest fire. The only problem: Everything seems to stand in their way. Can Louisa and Cal find happiness? Fort Wayne author Gloria Doty’s new romance novel proves love can conquer all.
$13.99 Available at Sharon’s Victorian House of Gifts

Congress, Presidents, and American Politics
When Lee H. Hamilton joined Congress in 1965 as a U.S. Representative from southern Indiana, he began writing commentaries for his constituents describing his experiences, impressions and developing views of what was right and wrong in American politics. Lively and full of his distinctive insights, Hamilton’s essays provide vivid accounts of national milestones over the past 50 years.
$35 Available at

Family Tree
The Legendary Trainhoppers are back together with a rollicking new collection, “Family Tree.” What’s great about this collection, with its loose, rambling vibe, is that it feels like you are listening to a group of good friends jamming around a campfire. It’s fun, friendly and very, very welcome.
$10 Available at

First appeared in the April 2016 issue of Fort Wayne Magazine.


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