Noteworthy February 2016

We celebrate the creativity of our city’s writers and musicians.

This gorgeous coffee-table collection of Fort Wayne photographer John Gevers’ travels across the globe is sure to please. With stunning portraits, sweeping landscapes and intimate glimpses of nature, this is a book for the person who loves the world around us.
$280 Available at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Honey and Leonard
Honey and Leonard fall in love in their 70s. Leonard is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, but Honey thinks her love will save him. When high levels of arsenic are found in Leonard’s blood and a petition for guardianship is filed by his sole heir, the pair flee to France. Their story catches fire as they elude police, private investigators and the international press. This delightful novel from Fort Wayne attorney Mark Paul Smith would make a great Valentine’s Day gift.
$16.95 Available on

Flatline Movements
If you are reminded of John Lennon when you listen to Jason Davis’ “Flatline Movements,” a 2012 disk that’s now out on vinyl – or more precisely, what Lennon might have done had he not have been assassinated 35 years ago – you are forgiven. “Flatline Movements” feels like Lennon-esque pop filtered through Pink Floyd. A buzzy, trippy, yet thoughtful meditation on love and loss.
$12 Available at Neat Neat Neat Records

First appeared in the February 2016 issue of Fort Wayne Magazine.


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