Noteworthy October 2016

We celebrate the creativity of our city’s writers and musicians.

Applesauce Weather
When the first apple falls from the tree, siblings Peter and Faith know it is applesauce weather. They also know it’s the time Uncle Arthur shows up to tell them tall tales from his youth. This year, though, is the first without Aunt Lucy. Helen Frost explores the different viewpoints as both adults and children deal with loss. A Time Magazine review compares it to classic works “The Secret Garden” and “Bridge to Terabithia.”
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Dragons Against Them
A free-spirited, independent photographer turned princess? Check. A prince who once saved her by turning into a golden dragon? Double check. Two families against them marrying? Hat trick. Kyra Jacob’s latest fantasy-romance novel in the Kingdom of Fire and Ice series picks up from where the previous one, “Dragons Among Them,” leaves off. Adelaide Miller is finding royal life downright smothering in Prince Zayne Godfrey’s alternate reality of Forath.
$4 Available for Kindle and $14 in paperback form from

The Good in Goodbye
He started writing songs at just 8 years old. And he started singing at the top of his lungs about then, too. Now, Fort Wayne-born Andrew Wren’s debut release “The Good in Goodbye” should be sitting on record shelves near you. Wren left the Summit City for Nashville, Tenn., after high school on a leap of faith. The debut EP focuses on honesty.
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First appeared in the October 2016 issue of Fort Wayne Magazine.


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