Noteworthy September 2016

We celebrate the creativity of our city’s writers and musicians.

My First Picture Day!
Remember the nerves of that first picture day at school? In her new children’s book, Doris Moyers-H. shows readers picture day through the eyes of Allison, a girl living with her parents and older siblings. Written in English and German and geared to beginning readers, the book adds the experience of the second language to its message.
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His Name is NOT Autism!

Luke is an autistic child in the first grade. But that doesn’t define who he is. He’s polite, has hobbies and feelings – even if he also has repetitive behaviors or difficulty communicating with others at times. Doris Moyers-H. takes readers through a day in first grade with Luke. In English and German.
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Willy Town
With songs about partying, impending jail time and life on the road, the latest release from the purveyors of self-described “Hippy Metal” takes the listener through plenty of heavy riffs and long jams. Formed in 2008, the trio has crafted this second studio album bringing, according to the band’s website, “the life support for rock and roll you thought was dead.” And with lyrics like, “Took my trust and threw it away/And laughed like it’s ok” and “The party is bumpin,’ the speakers thumpin’/the band turns up and gets the bodies jumpin'” there is plenty of angst, heartache and grooving to go around.
$15 Available at and Wooden Nickel

First appeared in the September 2016 issue of Fort Wayne Magazine.


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