Parkview Field Ranked No. 1

No matter where you sit, there’s beer close by.

And we’re not talking the every-day normal beer, which is all good, we’re talking pretty darn good beer.

There are hotdogs, for sure, and hamburgers, which smell amazing whenever you hit the concourse. But there are also burritos and Philly cheesesteaks and nachos and BBQ options galore.

Again, just a few steps from wherever you sit.

Oh, and dessert. Don’t forget about dessert.

Lots. Of. Dessert. 

Parking is easy, the neighborhood is booming, there are fireworks some nights and dogs who perform tricks others and magic shows and fish dressed in basketball jerseys eating people.

And of course, there’s baseball.

Plenty of baseball. 

There are a lot of reasons to love Parkview Field, and with a record-breaking attendance of 413,701 this year, we sure do show it some major appreciation. So much so others have taken notice, and once again the ballpark is being given accolades.

Stadium Journey, a website devoted to reviewing stadiums of all kinds of sports to give fans a guide to their next live sporting event, has named Parkview Field the best stadium experience in Minor League Baseball for the third straight year.

“A team with a facility as impressive as Parkview Field could easily just open the gates and let the fans roll in,” wrote Stadium Journey’s Paul Swaney in revealing the rankings Friday. “The TinCaps organization does nothing of the sort. This organization strives to offer fans one of the best game day experiences anywhere.”

This comes on the heels of being voted the Best Class A Ballpark in a Ballpark Digest poll while setting the average per game attendance record for the franchise this year. The team also welcomed the 3,000,000th fan to the park since its opening in 2009.

This weekend, the big leaguers will be playing with one certain team popular around these parts trying to break a curse, and soon the cold will likely wipe baseball from the forefront of the minds of some of us sports-inclined folks.

But spring will be around the corner before you know it. The lights of Parkview Field will be on again drawing us to the center of town from wherever we are. And there will be burgers and hotdogs, burritos and tacos.

There will be beer and there will be baseball.

And we will all be back.




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