We are so awesome…at Halloween especially

Fort Wayne ranked No. 19 best city for Halloween

We’re friendly, our weather is descent and we like to party.

You hear those words, and you might be gearing up for another one of those stories about how Fort Wayne is a great place to live. Maybe even to raise a family! You know, the typical chorus. And while we are all those things, we are also really great at something else:


Like really great.

A new survey from the website Wallethub took a look at the country’s 100 largest cities when it comes to “trick-or-treater friendliness,” “Halloween parties” and “Halloween weather” and ranked us No. 19. No. 19! It’s not every day we crack the top 20 on these things, but we did it for the creepiest and scariest holiday of them all.

What this little study shows, according to the people who did it, is that we have a lot of kids, a lot of kids who like to trick-or-treat, a lot of people who love giving out treats to these kids, some kicking — and cheap — Halloween parties and events and to top it all off…usually some pretty stable weather to do it all in.

For instance, Halloween night might actually hit 60 degrees, according to the early forecasts, with just a few clouds and an unlikely chance of rain. How great would it be for kids to be able to don their superhero outfits — the most popular costumes this year, by they way — without having to stuff long johns underneath them or wear those baggy coats.

Superman never wore a coat, right?

And Halloween also provides parents with a chance to give kids a little experience with economics as they dive into their candy and start sorting it all out.

“Children learn best with hands-on activities that connect meaningfully to their everyday lives,” said Laura Froyen, a parenting specialist and former assistant professor of human development and family studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in an interview with WalletHub. “As a result, Halloween provides many wonderful opportunities to teach children about math and personal finances in developmentally appropriate ways.”

But what about the older kids? Or those adults who still think themselves older kids when it comes to Halloween.

Fort Wayne has it all covered.

Maybe you took part in this month’s Zombie Walk as part of Fright Night, a now annual and popular event that takes over downtown Fort Wayne this time of year. Maybe you missed it, but if that’s the case there are a slew of haunted houses, hotels, jails and etc. throughout the area.

A. Slew. Of. Them.

And other activities.

“It seems obvious, but a good city for Halloween should be a city with a tradition of celebrating Halloween,” said Regina Hansen, senior lecturer of rhetoric in the College of General Studies at Boston University, in an interview with WalletHub”A city that values the arts and creativity can be a great place for Halloween. A city where people know each other, watch out for each other and feel safe together is a great place for Halloween.”

You know who that sounds like?

That sounds like us.

Party on, ghosts and ghouls.

Halloween hours and safety tips from Fort Wayne Police

The official hours for Trick-or-Treat 2016 have been established for the “City” of Fort Wayne. Trick-or-Treat will be observed in the “City” of Fort Wayne from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Monday, October 31, 2016. Trick-or-Treaters should only visit those homes with an illuminated exterior front light (or porch light) indicating that trick-or-treaters are welcomed. Trick-or-Treaters should remember the following safety rules:

* Do not wear costumes that obscure your vision

* Wear reflective clothing, or light colored clothing to make you more visible to motorists

* Travel in groups composed of at least one adult

* Have a pre-planned route

* Only cross streets at the crosswalks

* Visit familiar homes, and do not enter a stranger’s home

* Be prepared for adverse weather

* Refrain from consuming any treats until inspected by an adult


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