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Fort Wayne among Top 10 Best Places to Start a Business

Fort Wayne is one of the Top 10 Best Places to Start a Business nationwide.

WalletHub honored Fort Wayne as one of the Top 10 Best Places to Start a Business nationwide.

A recent ranking by WalletHub of Best Cities to Start A Business put us at No. 9 nationwide. Well, we could have told them that. WalletHub ranked us well for both the access to resources and business environment that entrepreneurs enjoy. It might please you to know that Indianapolis ranked No. 38, and Des Moines (which we’ve heard a lot about lately) ranked No. 52.

Recent booming businesses like Sweetwater Sound and Ash Brokerage show that Fort Wayne’s long history of entrepreneurship continues apace. Fort Wayne is a place that wants its citizens to do well and succeed, and it’s always been that way.

To wit: baking soda – invented here. Gas pumps – invented here. Television – ditto. Magnet wire and handheld calculators – double ditto. Ideas thrive here, too, and become practical applications (see: CVC Communications, Lincoln Financial Group) and thriving businesses. The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center and Greater Fort Wayne Inc. provide invaluable experience and advice to help fledgling businesses get started and grow and prosper.

These daring dreamers who saw the area that would become Fort Wayne as a place where they could start businesses and build futures for their families created a city where that entrepreneurial spirit continues today. We’re glad the rest of the country is taking notice.


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