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Wallpaper makes a comeback

April 3, 2017

You’re tired of painting. We know that. So guess what? Wallpaper is making a big comeback — complete with designs and textures to show off your personality. What was once taboo is trendy again.

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Coffee table chic

March 27, 2017

In the quest to create a beautiful and thoughtfully decorated home, don’t overlook your living room’s coffee table.

FORT WAYNE NEWSPAPERS Newcomers to reupholstering furniture can feel overwhelmed by all the options of fabric, finishes and detailing that are possible.

Upholstery 101

January 23, 2017

While upholstery can be intimidating, the process can be demystified with some basic information. Arm yourself with expert tips and tricks and learn the lingo before making any big changes.

COURTESY AARON MAKIN Aaron Makin’s remote controlled snowblower, which got the Fort Wayne resident a bit of internet fame a few years ago, works well and can be in working order this winter if necessary, he says.

Secrets of snow removal

January 16, 2017

If you’re one of those poor souls who loathes clearing your driveway or sidewalks, waking up to a white winter wonderland can be an absolute bummer.

FORT WAYNE NEWSPAPERS A patterned carpet, whether a traditional design, a calm and quiet one or a bold, contemporary statement, will express personality and add warmth in more ways than one to your home.

Rethinking carpet

January 11, 2017

Let modern carpet materials and capabilities free you to accomplish things older carpets could not achieve in your home.

METRO CREATIVE CONNECTION A hot shower is all that gets us going on some of these dark, cold winter mornings, and a poorly maintained or simply old water heater that needs to be replaced can ruin a morning by dousing you with cold water instead.

Avoid the nightmare

January 3, 2017

Shower getting cold quick? Might be a water heater running inefficiently. Luckily, there are some steps that will get those steamy showers back while saving a bit of cash, too.

METRO CREATIVE CONNECTION The goal of Christmas storage is a place for everything and everything in its place, and creating themes for your storage containers and areas is a powerful tool. It clarifies what goes where and makes it at-a-glance simple to make certain everything that needs to be put away has been put in its proper place. The theme process works as well for frequently used sports toys and equipment as for holiday home décor and tree decorations, which you can theme in storage by where they are displayed and in what order you will put them out.

The heartwarming story … of Christmas storage

December 27, 2016

The presents have been opened and Christmas over, so now it’s time to think about post-Christmas. That means finding where in the heck you’re going to put all of these new cool things you’ve got.

Winter can take over energy spending

December 19, 2016

The cold has hit right in time for the holiday season — when your pockets may be a little lighter from gift buying, party throwing or just having the heater running throughout the entire day to keep yourself toasty.

METRO CREATIVE CONNECTION Your guests will appreciate the care you took with the menu, but most of their enjoyment will come from being together and talking with each other. So make opportunities to be together the focus of your party planning.

Preparing for a holiday party

December 12, 2016

If you’re planning on hosting guests there are a few things you can do in order to give everyone, including yourself, a good ole’ yuletide time.

FORT WAYNE NEWSPAPERS Many Fort Wayne neighborhoods have their traditional sales lots of fresh Christmas trees, like the Oakdale Neighborhood Association’s lot at Rudisill Boulevard and South Wayne Avenue.

Tree strategy is key

December 7, 2016

While most people love the look of a Christmas tree, not everyone loves the labor-intensive activities associated with putting it up or taking it down.

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