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This compelling photo from the early days of the demonstrations in Fort Wayne captured the attention of editors from national magazines. It was published in the June 15th issue of TIME magazine. New York Magazine then published two other photos from Fort Wayne photographer DJ E-Clyps.

“I thought it was SPAM when they first reached out to me,” DJ E-Clyps said. “It was a very humbling experience.

“There is so much hurt, frustration and pain right now that sometimes you have no words for it, but you can see it in their eyes. I wanted these photos to display that passion and intensity, because many of them feel unheard, and hopefully these images will speak for them.”

DJ E-Clyps was in the area when a friend called him about the protests taking place downtown. He expected a small group of people, but was really proud of Fort Wayne for having such a large presence. “I wanted to document it. I felt the peoples’ voices will be heard.”

The photo itself was taken moments after the boy’s father was speaking into the bullhorn. It was a symbolic passing of the torch from one generation to the next – a rite of passage.

“The minute I saw it, I felt it was an historic event for Fort Wayne,” DJ E-Clyps said. “Even though we are not the biggest city, we care just as much. blacklightmediafw.com


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