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The new year may leave you shopping for ways to get fit. And with today’s hottest workout trend, the boutique fitness studios that are intimate, specialized, typically independently owned and located in shopping centers, it is easy to find what you are looking for.


Barre Unlimited: Barre workouts are done using a ballet barre that incorporate principles of Pilates and yoga. The focus is on holding positions for extended periods of time and doing micromovements to improve endurances while toning and strengthening. Barre workouts are done using a ballet barre that incorporate principles of Pilates and yoga. The focus is on holding positions for extended periods of time and doing micromovements to improve endurances while toning and strengthening. 9926 Illnois Road, 260.433.6933,  Barreunlimitedfw.com

Catalyst Fitness: With an emphasis on personal training Catalyst offers highly customized workout programs designed for individuals to reach their health and fitness goals. It also offers classes and cardio equipment so members can work out in between one-on-one training sessions. 203 E. Berry Street, 260.399.6637. 2488 Getz Road, 260.399.3863. 5928 Trier Road, 260.485.1671. Catalyst-fitness.com

Crossfit 260: Crossfit is a workout designed around functional movements performed at high intensity. Many like the group atmosphere and support while they work to complete the WOD (workout of the day). And because Crossfit pushes individuals to workout with such high intensity and to constantly push themselves to beat their personal bests, many also love the group motivation found from diehard Crossfit fans in these boutique boxes (gym in Crossfit lingo). 1425 W. Main Street, 260.423.4440. Crossfit260.com

Fort Wayne Cycle House: Indoor cycling is one of those fitness trends that is here to stay. This is Fort Wayne’s first boutique indoor cycling studio. Indoor cycling is a good low-impact cardio-based form of exercise that also works to boost muscle endurance. Classes are designed for all levels as everyone pedals and pushes at their own pace. 10020 Lima RoadFwcyclehouse.com

Fort Wayne SW Fit Body Boot Camp: Designed to be completed in 30-minutes, this full-body workout is ideal for maximum weight loss. The tightly packed half hour incorporates Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training to ensure you maximize your efforts. 4916 Illinois Road , 260.702.9188 Fitbodybootcamp.com

Fusion Yoga Fort Wayne: Fusion yoga is serious about yoga. It offers all types of yoga practices from chair to vinyasa flow in unheated to hot studios. Hot yoga is just what it sounds like, yoga practice done in a heated environment. At Fusion yoga, its studio temperature can range from 85 – 103 degrees (depending on the class) and is supplemented with additional humidity. Many believe hot yoga increases flexibility and burns additional calories. 6382 W. Jefferson Boulevard, 260.750.6432. Fusionyogafw.com

Mad Apple Crossfit: This Crossfit box (gym in Crossfit lingo) believes everyone can do Crossfit; its experienced coaches will modify the WOD (workout of the day) to fit individual needs. In addition to offering workouts that build strength, Mad Apple has added Vibe classes which utilize a heart rate monitor to track performance during specific one-hour interval training class. The Vibe class, like Mad Apple’s other classes, focuses on endurance, strength and power exercises, but adds the ability to optimize cardio fitness. 3630 Illinois Road, 122 E. Collins Road, 260.225.7900. Madapplecrossfit.com

Pure Movement Pilates:This Pilates reformer studio under the direction of owner Tresa Meussling offers small-group and private apparatus-based Pilates classes. It also offers private and semi-private session in Gyrotonic and CoreAlign for those who want to improve their range of motion and core strength.526 W. Jefferson Boulevard, 260.420.1000. Puremovementstudio.com

Rebel Yoga & Barre: Rebel Yoga strives to bridge the gap between fitness and traditional yoga with a mix of hot yoga, barre and sculpt. Its intimate group classes combine the benefits of the more traditional practice of yoga to create a non-traditional workout that tones and strengthens the body. 10202 Coldwater Road, 260.387.6966. Rebelyogafw.com

Skyline YMCA: This downtown YMCA location has a smaller footprint and caters more to adults than families. It has a limited number of group fitness classes; but offers the technology-driven eGym that keeps track of training through an app downloaded to smartphones. By setting fitness goals such as muscle building, muscle toning, athletic performance or weight loss, the various machines in the circuit track your strength measurements and automatically set your training weights. This allows you to always workout with the optimum resistance to achieve your goals. 838 S. Harrison Street, 260.755.4900. Fwymca.org

Strack Fitness: Through its small-group 45-minute high-intensity circuit training workout, personal trainer Cody Strack creates a workout that allows you to go at your own pace while moving through eight to 20 stations. Strack changes the exercises done at each station for each class to ensure that you always get a full-body workout but requires the constant use of different muscle groups. 9171 Lima Road, 260.579.6650. Strackfitness.com

Studio Seva: All of its yoga classes are for all levels. It offers Yoga 101, a series that provides an opportunity to learn the yoga postures which helps to deepen the practice of yoga. The series will be held on January 4, 11, 18 and 25, 10:30 – 11:30 am, $40. The studio also offers aerial yoga and circus classes. The circus classes do not require experience, strength or flexibility, but do require a playful spirit and the desire to move in new ways. Aerial Yoga uses a hammock to practice yoga while having support in standing, balancing and restorative poses.3511 N. Anthony Boulevard, 260.760.4864. Studio-seva.com

Urban Body Yoga: The style of yoga Urban Body Yoga teaches is Vinyasa which is characterized by stringing yoga postures together, so you seamlessly move from one pose to another; it is also referred to as flow yoga. Urban Body’s classes include the Urban Melt a restorative practice to reduce stress; Deep Flow an all levels class with a slower flowing pace and a longer floor series; Flow and Stretch is a combination class that offers both the Yang (active) Vinyasa practice and the Yin (passive) practice; and Flow Yoga a power sequence class that emphasizes strength and flexibility. In addition to yoga classes, the studio offers barre, yoga sculpt and HITT classes. 4930 Illinois Road, 260.432.9642. Urbanbodyyoga.net


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