260 Seconds with John Dortch

John Dortch, Founder/Publisher of FORT WAYNE INKSPOT

Why did you create Fort Wayne Ink Spot?
There was another newspaper, Frost Illustrated, that published for almost 60 years and went out of business. I wanted to continue the legacy of a black-owned paper. I knew it was important to have a newspaper that featured African Americans and other minority groups.

What has been the response since you launched the publication?
It has been great. We started at eight pages, and now are up to 12 pages per issue. We are biweekly, but hope to be able to go weekly. We currently print 1,000 copies and expect to continue to grow. It is very exciting.

Why is it important for the community to have a publication like Fort Wayne Ink Spot?
I think it is important to show the community all the positive things minorities are doing in Fort Wayne. I also want to provide information on entrepreneurs, finance, leadership and development, along with regular coverage of community events.

How did you come up with the name Fort Wayne Ink Spot?
It is a spot, a segment group that we’re touching on, so Fort Wayne Ink Spot, because we are all a part of Fort Wayne.


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