260 Seconds with Mary Corinne Lowenstein

Director of Marketing, Hop River Brewing

FWM: How did you get interested in craft brewing?
MC: It was purely by accident. I moved back to Fort Wayne and after being a stay-at-home mom, I was looking to restart my career. I was looking to continue in non-profits, but I met one of the owners of Hop River Brewing. And at a Christmas cookie exchange he asked me if I liked beer. I said no, not really. But he was persistent, and I became employee number one at Hop River Brewing.

FWM: Why is Hop River Brewing more than a brewery?
MC: We create special events and activities, but also have all types of groups using the brewery as a gathering place. We have Fearless Women Meet Up where women of all ages and backgrounds can connect; we have Crafts & Drafts where people can come and do crafts while enjoying a beer; we also started Books, Brews & Broads a monthly women’s book club.

FWM: Beyond your role at Hop River, you’re very involved in the local brewery scene too, correct?
JK: I have used my background in non-profits to network with people in the industry and created a Facebook page for the local breweries, cideries and people involved with local spirits to connect. We then decided to collaborate on a project that would support all of our businesses. In 2018, we created the Northern Indiana’s Brewers Association and launched the Northeast Indiana Beer Trail Passport. We wanted to create a way to strengthen our businesses and create tourism opportunities around the area’s breweries. We are now on our third edition of the Passport and having the Northern Indiana Brewers Association’s first collaborative festival: The Festival Of Really Terrific (F.O.R.T.) Barrel Aged Beer Fest, Saturday, October 19, 12 – 4 pm, Rudy’s, 409 W. Brackenridge Street, Tickets available at eventbrite.com; hopriverbrewing.com


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