260 Seconds with Santa Claus*

FWM: What is the hardest part about being Santa?
SC: When the children ask for some who is sick to get better or for someone who is gone to come back, I will suggest that we say a prayer, but for many requests and questions there is no set or quick answer. When a child says he wants his mom or dad to come home from serving in the military abroad, I like to explain that they need to be proud of their parents because they are heroes and are doing something very important for our country. I do dread these kinds of questions; and I do try to give acceptable and worthy answers.

FWM: What is the strangest gift request you have gotten?
SC: Luckily, I was tipped off in advance about what a little boy was going to ask for … he said he wanted a safe. Fortunately, I was semi-prepared and responded that a safe was a little too heavy to carry in the sleigh.

FWM: Is there a Mrs. Claus?
SC: Yes, Mrs. Claus is very active and involved with the children. After spending 18 years doing children’s programs for the public library, she is very experienced working with children with all different abilities. She sometimes flies solo when there are too many requests for appearances by Santa.

FWM: What is your favorite cookie?
SC: Well, it’s round ones.

* Not only does Santa Claus go by Kris Kringle, he also goes by Fort Wayne-resident Don Rekeweg. Santa Claus will be on hand at the Night of Lights’ PNC Bank Holiday Celebration, November 27, 5:30 pm, PNC Tower parking lot (Corner of Calhoun and Main Steets)




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