Better With Bacon

“Everything is better with bacon,” said Dusty Butler, executive chef at Chappell’s Coral Grill. It is this belief and Butler’s southern influences that inspired him to create bacon jam.

The jam is made from a reduction of red wine vinegar, onions and bacon. Clarified butter is then added, and the mixture is put in a blender to achieve the correct consistency. The jam is inspired from a southern-style bacon balsamic vinaigrette used on warm spinach salads.

Although not necessarily the most desired of vegetables, the restaurant’s side dish of brussel sprouts is made much more popular by its accompaniment of bacon jam. “The jam helps to enhance the flavor of the sprouts. The red wine vinegar gives a good pop, and the bacon is a nice enhancement,” said Butler.

Recognizing the versatility of the jam, Butler also uses it on the restaurant’s ham melt sandwich at lunch and is exploring other opportunities to use the bacon jam on salads, fish and different vegetables.


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