Local foodies take trip around the globe

Some think the best way to experience a culture is through its food, and that’s what The World Says Eat Me dining group has been doing for the past nine years. Wednesdays this fall (November 1 – December 6), everyone is invited to expand their palates by experiencing six hand-picked dining destinations and the cuisines they’ve perfected.

Mark Meyer began the dining club when his youngest daughter was traveling the world. “I was jealous,” admitted Meyer. “I wanted to experience all the interesting new foods she was trying.”

Meyer, an adventurous food enthusiast, surveyed his surroundings. Around him lay bountiful options for sampling the diverse dishes of other nations, and he wanted to share his findings. He wanted to make his friends stop and look, really look, at all the options Fort Wayne offers.

On their first trip, participants received a passport and acquired a new stamp each week. “There’s one person–other than me–who’s been to every location,” said Meyer. “I just think sometimes there is so much in the way of folks trying something new–and many people aren’t comfortable at a restaurant where the people may not look or sound like them. But if you have a big group of people, the experience is less intimidating and you can discover so many wonderful surprises.” 

Typically 40 to 70 people show up to each gathering, which is either at a restaurant or special events space.

December 6 marks the final stop of the Fall Tour, with an extra special Sri Lankan buffet prepared by the monks at the Indiana Buddhist Temple, 7528 Thompson Road, Hoagland.

While there is no event cost (other than the food and drink you purchase), The World Says Eat Me events are ticketed via Eventbrite to serve as an RSVP to each venue.

For more information:

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Stop #5 (Eventbrite)

Stop #6 (Eventbrite)


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