Driving to Success

August 11, 2020

Savannah Soul food truck, owned by Fort Wayne native Bridget Jones, delivers on her promise of southern comfort food with a menu that.…

Carrying On

August 6, 2020

When pulling up to the front of Charlow’s Grill, the tendency is to hesitate, but not for the food. The soul food restaurant…

Black-Owned Restaurants

August 5, 2020

The list was compiled by Visit Fort Wayne, with the help of the SHOP Fort Wayne and Surrounding Black Owned Businesses Facebook Group…


July 30, 2020

One of the hallmarks of summer is enjoying an ice cream treat, and Just Cream Ice Cream Boutique will redefine your expectations…

Flavorful Fusion

June 22, 2020

Mention the word “taco,” and the mind conjures images of spicy, flavorful Tex-Mex dishes, but at Solbird Kitchen & Tap, owner Jerry Perez’…

Best of Vegetarian & Vegan Cuisine

June 5, 2020

Fort Wayne hasn’t always been a haven for vegans and vegetarians. But this has changed with the surge of the opening of Asian-themed…

Signature Dish

April 8, 2020

In Thai Bao-Bao means light and at the Asian fusion restaurant Nawa, the word is used to introduce diners to a lite collection…

Something to Taco About

February 27, 2020

Tortillas, a mixture of ground corn and water, have been made for millennia. But the idea of the folded sandwich, otherwise known as …

The Real Deal

February 4, 2020

The idea of a having a grocery store in downtown Fort Wayne is no longer an urban myth. Insurance company

Private Party

October 30, 2019

The city has no shortage of options when it comes to selecting a restaurant to enjoy a private meal, festive celebration or gathering with friends and family.

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