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Krista and Dan Stockman of Cheers! Wine Consultants

Together, Dan and Krista Stockman operate Cheers! Wine Consultants. They offer in-home wine-tasting parties and host larger wine gatherings and fundraisers.

“We guide you through tastings, telling you about each wine – what makes it different and what makes it special,” said Krista Stockman. “We can’t guarantee you will like every wine you try. But we guarantee you’ll love at least one.”

“Wine should be fun,” said Dan Stockman. “… There’s a whole world of wines out there to explore. Instead of being afraid of wine … look at as it an adventure.”

You might try a wine that does not taste good, but there are times, when a wine offers a surprise.”

Take Obsession Symphony, which the Stockman’s served at a recent event. The couple discovered the wine on sale several years ago at a grocery store and decided to buy a bottle –  “for half price, it was worth a try,” said Dan. They liked it so much, they went back and bought out the grocery store.

The varietal is made from a hybrid grape – the Symphony – and is an all-around good white wine. It has a nice acidity like a Pinot Grigio and interesting enough that red wine drinkers will enjoy.

“We’re always looking for something different … something off the beaten path,” said Dan.

“I don’t care what other people think, and you shouldn’t either. If your favorite thing to drink is Oliver’s soft red, then that’s what you should drink.”



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