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The idea of a having a grocery store in downtown Fort Wayne is no longer an urban myth. Insurance company INGUARD is bringing its passion for food downtown and is opening another INGUARD Health food store; its first is located in Wabash. And just as INGUARD has altered the insurance game through the use of technology and being more transparent, its CEO Parker Beauchamp wants to disrupt the connection between health insurance and healthful eating.

Beauchamp’s plan is to not only provide INGUARD’s clients, but also the community-at-large the opportunity to have easy access to healthy food. “Everybody knows food is a critical part of personal health,” he said in an open letter to the community on the INGUARD website about the opening of the new grocery store. “What some people don’t know is that zip code is a better predictor of health outcomes than genetic code. There are also many problems in today’s healthcare environment, but the only one that we have significant power over is US. Our own personal choices and behaviors drive community health and the usage of healthcare.

“So, if the cost of health insurance is driven by the cost of healthcare the cost of healthcare is driven (in part by what we eat, why wouldn’t an insurance company own a grocery store? We prefer to sell local produce to fuel health and happiness instead of selling health insurance to finance poor habits.”

The store will offer organic produce and ingredients as well as freshly prepared healthful food. Its motto is Food For All – Regionally owned. Locally gown. Food that makes you feel good.

Since the downtown store will serve as a neighborhood store will also offer a limited selection of daily necessities and a hot bar where customers can pick up pre-cooked healthy cuisine for dinner on their way home.

The 3500-square-feet store will be located at street level on the southeast corner of the 202 Metro building owned by Ash Realty Group. It is expected to open in the fall 2020. Inguard.com/food


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