Signature Dish

Nawa's pork belly buns

DELICIOUSLY DRESSED – In Thai Bao-Bao means light and at the Asian fusion restaurant Nawa, the word is used to introduce diners to a lite collection of appetizers to whet their appetites. The array of dishes include: Crab Mandalay, Nawa’s upscale take on the classic Crab Rangoon; Gyoza Panang, a crispy pan seared chicken dumpling with homemade Panang Curry Sauce; Thai Beef Jerky, marinated tender beef strips with the house’s special Sriracha; and pork belly buns. “The key is the way we cook it  –  boil and then refry  –  so that it is tender and crispy,” said Prill Trowbridge, co-owner of the restaurant. The decorative umbrellas not only keep the folded buns and their contents properly stacked, but also are a nod to Thai culture’s hand-painted paper parasols. 126 W. Columbia Street, 260.399.7501, nawa.live 


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