Blue Harmony

When talking with Erin Patton McFarren about cyanotypes, one sees how art and science are entangled in the natural world. In collaboration with nature, she uses a simple form of photography to coax “the ephemeral in print.” The Fort Wayne native and Fort Wayne Community School’s art teacher won the solo exhibition award at this year’s Artlink Members’ Showcase. At heart, Patton McFarren sees herself as a “roughish bohemian” kept in check by an analytical brain. This apt description has symmetry to it as cyanotypes were discovered by Sir John Herschel, a 19th-century British polymath who was as adept in a studio as he was in a laboratory. So what may appear to be a random accident of creativity is, in reality, a logical experiment in revealing beauty. Her process is also meditative, which is why her prints are transcendent as if nature is revealing the divine. You can see more of her work at Artlink through the end of the month, or online at erinpattonmcfarren.weebly.com.


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