It’s your Indiana online

New state website bends to your will

my.IN.gov showcase

Indiana's new state government website shows off the customizable my.IN.gov option.

The State of Indiana’s website is more than just revamped. It’s actually fun to poke around on and worth going back to, and because it’s the home of so many important government services online it’s massively useful, too.

The new and improved my.IN.gov function enables anyone who creates an account to set up a dashboard that will display your own most used features whenever you arrive. That’s nice, especially since the features available now include county-by-county travel status AND the site has been redone in responsive design that makes it readable and usable on any size device from desktop to tablet to phone.

No more fumbling for potentially life-saving information while you’re on the road and the weather is threatening!

The site puts fun historical information and pictures upfront, which is only right and proper with our bicentennial coming up in 2016.

The live stats display is fascinating. On a visit barely 24 hours after the site launched, the display proclaimed that 252 outdoor licenses had been purchased online that day, 65 business registrations had been filed online and 1,273 limited criminal history records had been viewed, all good example of useful things you’d visit the site to do. And there were already 7,330 my.IN.gov members and counting!


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