260 Seconds – Mark Meyers

International House & Dog Sitter

FWM: How did you become an international house & dog sitter?

MM:  I have always loved to travel and when I was in Ecuador, I met a couple who did extended stay travel by house sitting. They introduced me to the online house and pet sitting community. So, the next winter, I decided to give it a try and spent three months house and pet sitting in Ireland. The following year I went to Tuscany and last year I went to Devon, England.


FWM: What do you like best about house sitting?

MM: The opportunities I have to travel. On my first trip to Ireland, I was able to make trips to Normandy, Paris and London. When I was in Devon, I spent a week in Malta.


FWM: Is it strange to stay in someone else’s home?

MM: It is actually very comfortable. It is nice to have a kitchen.


FWM: What have you learned from being a house sitter?

MM: I have seen how helpful people can be and how willing they are to assist someone in need.


FWM: Do you think through these experiences you have a broader world view?

MM: People are more similar than they think. The idea of nationalism is very troubling. It is not the country in which we live that defines us; it is the fact that we are human – and all humans want to be happy, healthy and secure. nomador.com


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