260 Seconds with Sharon Pohly

Sharon Pohly

Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana


FWM: The Girl Scout cookie drive takes place in January, what is the benefit of having Girl Scouts sell cookies?
SP: The cookie drive has been taking place for the past 102 years. It is designed to teach girls about business. We will sell over one million boxes of cookies.

FWM: Are you surprised that 58 percent of the women who were recently elected to Congress are Girl Scouts alumni?
SP: No, this isn’t surprising. The Girl Scouts is the premier leadership program for girls in the U.S. We may be known for crafts, cooking and camping, but our mission is to educate girls to become better leaders; 50 percent of all women in business are alumni of the Girl Scouts; 67 percent of all US female governors are alumni of the Girl Scouts; 76 percent of all female U.S. Senators are alumni of the Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts teaches girls to find their voices, raise their hands and have confidence.

FWM: How do you keep the Girl Scouts relevant?
SP: We regularly revamp our program while always remaining true to mission. We keep giving the girls new things to learn.

FWM: How does the Girl Scouts deal with diversity?
SP: The Girl Scouts had integrated troops when segregation was still the law of the land. Diversity is part of our DNA.

FWM: Do you have a favorite Girl Scout cookie?
SP: My absolute favorite is Thin Mints.


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