Eric Doden

October 30, 2015

Find out what Greater Fort Wayne Inc. head Eric Doden thinks we should be reading as we play 20 Questions.

Dogs at their best

October 29, 2015

Debbie Ward wasn’t always a dog lover, but today she helps guide canines and their humans to excellence.

Fred Beckman

October 10, 2015

Fred Beckman Fred Beckman, one of the founding partners of Beckman Lawson, LLP, was honored with

Mark GiaQuinta

October 1, 2015

Find out why such a serious public advocate as Mark GiaQuinta used to hitchhike so much as he plays 20 Questions.

Melissa Long

August 28, 2015

After three decades on the air, television anchor Melissa Long trades makeup brushes for banjo.

E. Christine Stanley

August 1, 2015

E. Christine Stanley Christ Church of Faith “Little Peoples Class” honors yet another person. E. Christine Stanley,

Army Major Brian S. Laney

August 1, 2015

Army Major Brian S. Laney Army Major Brian S. Laney, son of Stephen W. and Karen I.

Dorothy Kittaka

July 1, 2015

Despite the rich and deep experiences of a life well lived, Dorothy Kittaka is still busy and still growing up. Find out why as she plays 20 Questions.

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