Marc Levy

August 15, 2016

Marc Levy is fascinated by what makes communities work, and his work at the Questa Foundation helps people work effectively within communities. Find out what he really does to achieve that goal as he plays 20 Questions.

Throwing himself in

July 21, 2016

The legal profession lost a prospect, but the stage won when Evan Hart threw himself all in. He and his audiences are enjoying the connections he’s discovering.

Garfield Brewer

July 16, 2016

Christ Church of Faith "Little People’s Class" moderator Garfield Brewer mentors Brooklyn Charlton in playing the harmonica.The dynamic

Johnson – Five Generations

July 16, 2016

Celebrating Five Generations Kenneth R. Wolfe surrounded by daughter, Jean Lambert, great-grandson, Cody Johnson, great-great grandson, Miles Johnson,

Geoff Paddock

July 15, 2016

Geoff Paddock is a public servant’s public servant, currently making a difference as a city councilman and at work to find a new use for the General Electric property. Find out what he wants his legacy to be as he plays 20 Questions.

Ann DeGrandchamp

June 16, 2016

Ann DeGrandchamp has as deep a connection with the Southside Farmers Market as anyone can have. Learn what her favorite farmers market vegetable is as she plays 20 Questions.

Alison Gerardot

May 20, 2016

Alison Gerardot has a great new job creating programs and events for Riverfront Fort Wayne. Learn why she’s just right for this role as she plays 20 Questions.

Bruce Kingsbury

April 19, 2016

Bruce Kingsbury brings the natural world to our pages as part of his work to protect fascinating creatures and their habitat. Learn how this work became his career as we play 20 Questions.

Maria L. Parra

March 19, 2016

Maria L. Parra Please join the family in celebrating Maria with an Open House on Monday, March 21st

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