Who, What, Wear: Julie Wall

Who? Julie Wall
What? Owner/designer the HEDGE
Where? the HEDGE,
1016 Broadway, 260.387.5237, thehedgestudios.com, thehedgestudios@gmail.com


Julie Wall has been creating unique and engaging art for years at her downtown studio, the HEDGE, in the old Canton Laundry building. Wall’s paper goods, printed on 100+ year old presses, statement jewelry made from leather scraps and retired skateboard decks, and her witty and wry reimagined trophies are among the most popular products made in the Fort. The HEDGE consistently throws events and workshops and Wall is known for her warm, welcoming smile and lively spirit. The HEDGE is one of the brightest, creative spots in #DTFW.

How do you decide what to create? I enjoy being outside and am usually inspired by things that I find around me. My daily walks with my pup are where I pull much of my inspiration from. The colors, textures, and vibrancy that live in our world never cease to amaze me! I think that is why I try to up-cycle as much as I can when I’m creating my wearable art. Re-using discarded items in a new way to create something beautiful that also makes someone feel unique … that is just my favorite thing!

Who is your typical customer? We cater to individuals who have a love of high craft, art, and authenticity. Someone who wants to own one-of-a-kind pieces that help to showcase who they are. Everything is handmade right here in the studio and when people want to come in and see the process, I know they are the ones that will return. I absolutely LOVE my customers and clients and have been so fortunate to meet such amazing people who have many similar values.

Do you carry work of other artists in the store? I sometimes stock artwork and items created by local artist Daniel Dienelt. His use of texture and pattern are always beautiful additions to the shop and studio. We often collaborate on lines of greeting cards, jewelry, and housewares as well.

What is the HEDGE known for? I think we are mainly known for our workshops, custom letterpress and relief printing, and most recently our handmade jewelry and trophies. I love that there are multiple defining characteristics of the HEDGE. It helps keep things fresh and fun for me as an artist and designer and I hope it helps to keep things interesting for new and returning customers as well.

How do you describe your personal style? I prefer clothing that is durable and versatile. I might need to run a printing press in the morning, attend a lunch meeting, sand pieces in the wood shop in the afternoon, and meet up with friends for drinks in the evening so my clothing has to help accommodate the various aspects of my lifestyle. Statement jewelry has become my absolute best friend and usually helps me dress up just about any outfit I might have. Denim is generally my go-to, so I love being able to throw on a big piece of jewelry and switch out shoes to help give me that extra boost of confidence!


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