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At A Party Apart, we’ve always believed that every wedding should be the reflection of the bride and groom … their journey as a couple, and what is important to them, in both life and love. Since it can be hard to realize that vision, we have some advice on where to begin.

That first step might seem like the hardest, but look around … you probably have the answer right in front of you. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of your wedding since you were little. Either way, make your next step contacting the professionals at A Party Apart. If you have questions, or need advice or ideas, we’re here to help.

It’s all in a name

So much focus can be placed on the theme or style of your wedding. Maybe you aren’t rustic or organic or diamonds and pearls just aren’t you. That’s OK. Maybe
the theme is just … the both of you. And your children or your puppy. Or a shell you found on the beach together. The rules are more flexible when it comes to design these days; so often we mix elements that are completely unexpected, and it just works. You can start with a favorite color, the style of your dress, or the fun fact that you fell in love while playing a mean game of Jenga. The key is having a direction, knowing your options and staying true to yourself. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so it shouldn’t be cookie cutter. Our event specialists can assist in refining your vision, so that whatever your inspiration, and whatever word you choose to define it, the day is about the two of you, and all anyone has to do is look around and see what your love is all about.

Everything old is new again

“Vintage” can have a much deeper meaning when items used in the wedding have special significance, or have been passed down through generations. A bride can repurpose a family member’s wedding dress, or use yards of Grandma’s lace on the cake table. It is always touching to see a table set up at the reception honoring parents and grandparents. Take something of importance to you, whether it’s a piece of heirloom jewelry, black and white photo or even an old map, and you have the basis for a look that celebrates the blending of families both old and new.

The “You-Don’t-Have-to-Do-It- All-Yourself” Wedding

What did we do before Pinterest? With this great source for gathering ideas, and the limitless resources now available, the decorating and design possibilities are endless. For many talented and crafty couples, a DIY wedding is the plan. But this can get overwhelming, and often more costly than expected. And do you really want to be saddled with boxes and boxes of mason jars after the wedding is over? If you don’t have the time to hand sew 200 linen napkins, there’s no shame in that. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little guidance, a little help (or a lot, if needed!), and to rent items to save time and money. You can add plenty of your own personal touches, and still have time to enjoy the process … and each other!


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