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During the process of repairing and creating jewelry for other businesses, we realized that we could offer a truly superior quality product at a better price. Hence, Peter Franklin Jewelers was established in 1988. Twenty-five years and three stores later, we still pride ourselves on our full-service commitment to quality. We still manufacture our own jewelry pieces and are exclusive partners with some of the best manufacturers in the business. When you visit Peter Franklin Jewelers, our friendly consultants will listen to your needs, and ensure that your jewelry purchase is a positive and memorable experience. From establishing a budget to finding the very best jewelry, your experience is guaranteed to be the best. We would like to extend an invitation to you to experience the Peter Franklin Jewelers difference.


Anything custom is the hottest trend, whether we’re using a diamond that’s been passed down or the bride’s one-of-a-kind idea. Also, fancy cut diamonds such as princess cut, oval and cushion cut diamonds are prevalent. Eighteen-karat white gold with euro-shaped mountings have been increasingly popular. We’ve also seen a lot of vintage styles with ornate scrollwork, beading and diamond accents. Another trend in wedding jewelry is Rose Gold. An engagement ring with a halo
of diamonds around the center diamond is the most sought-after style. Some of the hottest styles come from designer lines such as Simon G, Peter Storm, Niki J, Fana and Zeghani.


First of all, the quality of the mounting. This goes along with having an experienced staff member who will provide service to help them with such an important decision. Fast and efficient service is also important. If the ring needs to be sized, brides don’t like to go very long without their ring. It is nice to have
experienced staff who have the ability to size a ring and have it back on their finger the same day!

gift ideas

Bridal gifts are another great thing to keep in mind. We have a lot of options in the store like colored pearls and Swarovski crystal pieces to match any bridal colors. For the wedding day gift, we’ve got you covered! We have a great selection of watches brides can get for their groom that we can have engraved while they wait. And for all you grooms, she’ll wear diamond stud earrings for the rest of her life.

our warranty

Peter Franklin Jewelers offers a one-year renewable warranty. It’s true; other places offer longer warranties. Some offer five-year or even 10-year warranties with, of course, an extra charge. The assurance is worth it, right? The dirty little secret of long-term “extended” warranties is that you’re required to submit your jewelry to regular inspections. And if you miss one, the extended warranty that you just purchased now becomes invalid. These warranties have a planned obsolescence, and many jewelry stores count on that. So a “renewable” Peter Franklin warranty just makes a little more sense.


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