Wedding Musician Pointers

Brides and grooms have a few options when it comes to the music played at their ceremony and reception. Live musicians or deejays are often the entertainment of choice. When hiring the entertainment, there are some things to keep in mind.

The music of the wedding will set the tone for the event and keep guests entertained during key moments of the day. Musicians will often work in
conjunction with a maitred’ to be sure the reception moves along smoothly and sticks to the schedule. Music will be played while guests are dining and when there are opportunities for dancing.

It’s essential to listen to musicians or DJs before hiring anyone to ensure what they’re offering will fit in with the wedding. Also, it’s helpful to confirm the person or people being auditioned will be the exact individuals at the wedding. Some entertainment companies hire out contract musicians, meaning the preview musicians may not be the same person who will perform at the ceremony. That can potentially prove disastrous. If a certain musician or DJ is requested, be sure it is put down in writing in the contract.

In most cases, wedding musicians are professionals who have handled many weddings and are very accustomed to what should be done to make the night a memorable one. Trust in the expertise of the musicians, and provide guidance where necessary.

Provide the musical entertainment with some additional information to further help the wedding go off without a hitch.

  • Names of all wedding party participants
  • Name of the married couple, including pronunciation of the last name, if necessary.
  • A listing of any preferred songs.
  • Any music that is off-limits at the reception.
  • Special announcements that should be made, like mentioning a special event involving guests.


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