Bill and Jennifer Sorg

October 26, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary Bill and Jennifer (Hammerstein) Sorg celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a mass at

Adrian & Debra (Parker) Campos

October 12, 2019

25th Wedding Anniversary On October 15, 2019, Adrian & Debra (Parker) Campos will be celebrating their 25th

Phillip and Nancy Mack

October 5, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary Phillip and Nancy Mack celebrated their August anniversary with a garden party hosted by

Glen & Phyllis Reinking

September 21, 2019

65th Wedding Anniversary Glen & Phyllis Reinking recently celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary on August 28th, 2019. They

Marjorie and Erwin Mueller

September 21, 2019

70th Wedding Anniversary Marjorie and Erwin Mueller will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on September 24th. Erwin

John and Delores Momper

August 31, 2019

60th Wedding Anniversary John and Dolores Momper are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on August 31. They were

George and Ann Donner

August 31, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary Congratulations to George and Ann Donner who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 30,

Larry & Lucy Dafforn

August 24, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary Larry and Lucy Dafforn celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 16. 2019. They

Andrew and Claudia Montgomery

August 17, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary Andrew and Claudia (Cole) Montgomery, of Markle, will celebrate 50 years of marriage on August

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