Not Actual Size

NOT ACTUAL SIZE: At 6 inches by 6 inches, Heidi Malott’s “Snow Streets Downtown” is smaller than our print reproduction. Yet large ideas are conveyed in that space, she said. A native of Bluffton and educated at the University of St. Francis, Malott was slow to work in oils, preferring watercolors first then acrylics. Oils are bold and texture-rich. Malott’s exploration of cityscapes, landscapes and even portraits are rich and atmospheric, inviting the viewer to add in the detail. A defining moment in her career came in 2006 when she discovered the daily painting movement, started by Duane Keiser, a Virginia-based, Brooklyn-trained artist who realized the Internet was going to change the relationships between artists, galleries and collectors. “Sometimes, before we work on a large canvas, we’ll do a small one to work out any problems,” she said. “Duane Keiser started posting those little paintings online. And people were like, hey, I want to buy that. He was offering them like $100 apiece and they just took off like wildfire.” heidimalott.com


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