Viewpoint – FrankenFuzzies

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein tells the story of scientist Victor Frankenstein and the creature he makes using scientific experimentation. But in artist Julia Guerin’s story, she creates FrankenFuzzies to give new lives to unloved stuffed animals. “It made me so sad when I would see stuffed animals for sale at Goodwill, so as a final project for my textile class in college I created some creepy looking reinvented stuffed animals,” said Guerin. But then she focused on her fine art as an acrylic and watercolor painter. “A couple of years ago, I saw that a friend who was making custom stuffed animals was doing very well at art fairs; so, I decided to do some cute FrankenFuzzies,” said Guerin. “People really liked them; they got a huge kick out of them and people came running over to see them. It was a totally different experience then selling paintings. It was amazing to see such joy.” Guerin sews her newly created creatures by hand and has a painstaking process of looking at her supply of stuffed animals to figure out which combined parts will make the best new creature. She also gives each of her creations a name and details about his/her personality on its customized tag. “I enjoy giving these stuffed animals new lives and hopefully a chance to get more love,” she said. FrankenFuzzies are for sale on etsy.com


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