Viewpoint – Susan Suraci

DOWN TO EARTH: There aren’t many Fort Wayne residents who are as well known for their music as their art, but Susan Suraci is one of these. She and her husband Rob have made beautiful music together, literally and figuratively, for many years. But they weren’t always Fort Wayne residents. Susan came here from the Washington D.C. – area with a previous and former husband in 1982. After that marriage failed, she managed to convince her old bandmate, Rob, to join her in Indiana. “He was living in (New York’s) East Village at the time,” she recalled, “and I told him, ‘You know, you’re going to be moving from Hill Street Blues to Mister Rogers Neighborhood.” Rob was not averse to becoming Mister Rogers and Susan eventually became Mrs. Suraci. Susan’s paintings of the natural world are lovely, but they aren’t meant to be peaceful, necessary. She wants her work to increase interest in conservation. “If you’re in a park with lily pads, maybe you just give it a cursory glance,” she said. “But maybe (a painting) will give somebody pause.” Susan’s work can be seen at the Castle Gallery in Fort Wayne and at the Wilson Gallery in Kendallville. 


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